Lexington Children’s Theatre

Jan Lucas


WHO: Lexington Children’s Theatre

WHAT: By Jan Lucas

WHEN: Saturday, February 1 - 7:00pm

Sunday, February 2 - 2:00pm

WHERE:  Lexington Children’s Theatre Main Stage

418 West Short Street, Lexington, KY 40507

TICKETS:  $20 adults, $15 children


We put a quilt on the gate, and a candle in the window. Then we wait and hope and pray that the light finds those who need it most. Graceanna and Mary Catherine were brought together by the Underground Railroad and as their friendship stands the test of time, so does Graceanna’s determination to be reunited with her family. Working together, these girls turned women will need all of the courage they can muster to keep working, keep hoping, and keep paving the path to freedom.


Best enjoyed by ages 8 and up.


Founded in 1938, Lexington Children’s Theatre is in its 81st Season of producing plays for young audiences. LCT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the intellectual and cultural enrichment of young people. It is one of the oldest continuously operating theatres for youth in the country and is proud to be the State Children’s Theatre of Kentucky.