WOW Wedding: Sarah + Mirza



Some love stories are written in the stars long before they are formed in the heart. Sarah and Mirza Salkovic are a testimony of one such narrative.

Sarah, a Lexington native and Mirza, who moved here as a sophomore in high school, first met when introduced by mutual friends. It was soon evident that theirs was a never- ending love, and plans for a summer wedding on August 24th of 2019 quickly commenced. For their traditional Persian themed wedding, the bride and groom desired an elegant venue in Lexington with the ability to provide a large open space where everyone was able to see them easily throughout the ceremony. The Griffin Gate Marriott Resort and Spa on Newtown Pike was the perfect fit!

As is custom, Sarah and Mirza partook in the Aghd ritual, which is the quintessential centerpiece of the Persian wedding celebration. Sarah explains, “The traditional Persian wedding ceremony spread, also known as the Sofreh Aghd, includes many symbolic items, all in which represent an element of the couple’s new life and marriage together.” Seated in front of the Sofreh Aghd, Sarah was a princess in her stunning gown from the White Dress of Lexington while Mirza was princely in his tux by Macy’s. The bride and groom sat at the head of their wedding table

where 23 symbolic Sofreh Aghd items containing custom and profound meaning to the couple were present. Some of the sacred items present on Sarah and Mirza’s table included: a mirror representing light and brightness for the newly married couple’s future; a needle and thread symbolizing the ritual of two people becoming one and two families becoming one; coins to symbolize wealth and prosperity for the couple; rose water for good luck; candles and candelabras to symbolize energy and clarity in the couple’s life together; flowers symbolizing love; honey consumed at the conclusion of the ceremony to represent sweetness for the couple’s life; and the Quran symbolizing God’s blessing over the couple.

Another special feature of their wedding was their first dance. Sarah shares, “We coordinated our first dance with three songs, each of which was a different language to incorporate both of our origins.” Other memorable moments occurred during the reception when one of Mirza’s friends lifted Mirza, who is 6’6, onto his shoulders, taking him for a literal spin and when one of their guests pulled the entire camera crew onto the dancefloor. The couple laughs remembering, “The camera crew were all shocked because they had never experienced this at other weddings!”

In the end, Sarah and Mirza would have not done anything differently though they do recommend having a timeline and or checklist of the order of when things need to be done. Sarah encourages others not to procrastinate and plan ahead. “Planning a wedding can be a lot for someone to handle and sometimes having help through a wedding planner or an app can make things that much more enjoyable,” she suggests. They warmly thank all of those present at their wedding for celebrating their stunning moment in time and for travelling great distances to be with them in their union.




VENUE Griffin Gate Marriott

CATERING Griffin Gate Marriott

SWEETS Tinker’s Cake Shop

FLOWERS Nadia’s Elegant Events

PLANNER Nadia’s Elegant Events

RENTALS/DECOR Nadia’s Elegant Events

BRIDAL GOWN The White Dress of Lexington


MAKEUP Macy’s Lancôme, Allison

HAIR Thomas Blake Hair Studio, Heather Cole

PERSIAN CEREMONY TABLE Bride, Bride’s Mom and Sara Khandani