DIY Speckled Eggs

Deanna Talwalkar


You can make these dyed eggs with supplies that you probably already have at your house.  If you choose to make your speckled eggs with faux eggs for dyeing, you’ll be able to use them year after year.

How to:  Fill paper cup about 1/4 full of dried rice, beans or popcorn.  Drop 4-5 drops of food coloring in cup, swirl.  Mixture should be slightly damp.  Add a couple drops of vinegar if the mixture isn't quite damp enough. This can also help the dye really stick!

Place egg into cup, cover with paper towel.  Shake or swirl egg in mixture.  Remove and place on an egg drying container.  Let fully dry.

If you like, experiment with layering colors or speckling over dyed eggs. Have fun!

What You’ll Need:  
Dried rice, beans, or popcorn
Hard boiled or faux eggs for dyeing
Liquid food coloring
White vinegar
Paper Cups 
Paper towel