Hometown Heroes: Nourish Lexington Team

Story by Rocko Jerome | Photo submitted


Nourish Lexington Team

For far too many kids, this extended time away from physically attending school means more than missing their classmates. Some kids depend on school lunches for the nourishment they need, and without it, it’s far too easy for them to fall through the cracks and go hungry.

There have been several organizations that have stepped up to help. One of them is FoodChain, a local non-profit dedicated to making a difference. FoodChain created an indoor aquaponics farm, a form of urban agriculture that grows fish and greens in one interconnected, resource-conserving system. It’s a great help to people in our community who have a lack of readily available resources for fresh, nutritious food. “We hopefully help make positive change,” says Morgan Miller, FoodChain’s Administrative and Communications Coordinator. “We are dedicated to connecting people to fresh, local food.”

When the school system took a time out from the programs they utilize to keep kids fed during Spring Break, Food Chain picked up the slack, leading an initiative that included United Way, Dupree Catering, and Aramark at UK Dining, ultimately raising thousands of dollars and bringing many meals to those in need. 

FoodChain, with the support of Visit Lex, Keeneland, the EE Murry Family Foundation, went on to create Nourish Lexington. That’s a thoughtful initiative that puts hospitality workers recently made unemployed by the current crisis back to work. These restaurant experts are creating and delivering meals to those in need, effectively creating a fantastic solution to two problems at once. “The spirit of hospitality is very much alive in this program,” says Niki Goldey, Communications Director at Visit Lex. “Nearly 7000 meals went out in a recent week.”

This is a challenging time for everyone, but it’s good to know that thanks to the hard work of some truly dedicated souls, the most vulnerable among us have a safety net.

Photo 1: FoodChain’s Operation Manager, Leandra Forman transferring a tray of boxed meals.

Photo 2: Lesme J. Romero Boutto of Lexington Pasta Garage assisted with preparing and distributing meals.

Photos courtesy of FoodChain and Nourish Lexington