Hometown Hero: Tate Russell

Story by Rocko Jerome | Photo submitted


Tate Russell
President at Kentucky Eagle

As you most likely experienced, getting a hold of hand sanitizer became very difficult, if not impossible, almost immediately here in our “new normal.” That was, unfortunately, equally as true for health care professionals as it has been for the rest of us. Luckily, people like Tate Russell of Kentucky Eagle, Inc. have stepped up to make a difference. “Many of our fantastic local distillers started to produce hand sanitizer,” Tate says, “However, getting it distributed quickly and efficiently is another challenge.”

Tate’s family has been distributing adult beverages in our area since her grandfather bought Kentucky Eagle in 1948. Typically, the business handles both cases of products in bottles and cans marked for individual case sale that are delivered to stores, as well as beer ready to go on tap for bars and restaurants. “With all of those places closed, we suddenly had some spare trucks and manpower free, so we were happy to join the effort. Now, in a time of need, our workforce and machinery were put to use in a big way”, says Tate.

Tate and the KBWA called Governor Beshear’s Office and offered to help, and that offer was accepted. Kentucky Eagle transported sanitizer made by those distillers and fellow distributor’s around the state just as quickly as it could be produced. Thanks to that, first responders have been able to put it to good use, helping keep themselves protected as they do the critical work that we all need. Tate and her fellow distributors have remained humble. “We are all very good at moving large, heavy loads quickly and easily. We are thrilled that we have been able to help in that way.”