Leading Ladies: Tania T. Sigler-Orihuela


Meet Tania T. Sigler-Orihuela, PsyD., MBAHA, CFO, Kentucky Marble and Granite, Inc.

859-887-3555 // 1050 Elizabeth St. Ste. 11 // kymarbleandgranite.com

Tell us about your work.

Entrepreneurship has always been a staple in the family. In 2007 Kentucky Marble and Granite, Inc. was created with Carlos Orihuela and John Orihuela. We love this industry when you can transform a kitchen in a week and create a dream for the homeowner – that is a great day in my book.

"I can take a Yamaha 80 motorcycle apart – and fix it! I learned when my sons used to race motocross."

However,  nine years ago I decided to go back to college and follow a career path that I hope to bring to fruition in a few years and be able to open a clinic to help children of special needs: I have just completed my PsyD!


What motivates you?

My Family and our employees! The company is very family oriented, so we strive to make sure we do our best in order to be able to offer a stable working environment for our employees.


How do you balance all of your obligations?

Time management and knowing when to say no. Although it is easy to get caught up in wanting to participate in everything, knowing when is key to being able to be successful in all aspects of balancing work, family and social life.   


What are some of the challenges you face in your career?

The biggest challenge I have faced is not losing sight of what was profoundly important in my life. As a Leading Lady, I want to encourage young women to know that we can have a family as well as being a leader in their profession.


What is your secret weapon to success?

Family! No matter the stage you find yourself in life, it can be your parents, spouse, children or grandchildren. They are the best support you will ever need and will always offer positive feedback and encouragement.


Has COVID changed your work/life balance?

Yes, it has. Knowing that the decisions I make in my everyday life especially of how I conduct myself out in the community can sadly affect another person's wellbeing is frightening. What we are facing in our lifetime has really prompted me to take extra precautions.


Who are some Leading Ladies who inspire you?

Sonia Sotomayor, Melinda Gates, Susan Wojcicki and Virginia M. Rometty, to mention a few.


What advice do you have for other Leading Ladies?

To follow the path they have laid out, never feel discouraged from being passed up in a promotion and finally to always stay true to who they are.