Leading Ladies: Kristina Ping


Meet: Kristina Ping, CEO, Powerful Legacy Insurance and Financial Services

859-893-5099 // 3260 Blazer Pkwy. Ste. 100 // yourpowerfullegacy.com


Tell us about your career.

After being in the insurance industry over 15 years, it is the most amazing career I could have ever imagined. I feel that I am able to help so many people have more secure lives. No day is ever the same.  

Being a leader in this industry, my passion for client service sets me apart.

"I love collecting wine and bourbon for the cellar in my home."


What motivates you?

My ultimate legacy – my sons – are my inspiration. Watching them learn and grow is a daily enjoyment!


What are some of the challenges you face?

With my industry, there are more and more women becoming leaders everyday.The challenge of caring for my children as a single mother and being successful at work can sometimes be difficult. But I feel more strength than struggle in this challenge and it feels amazing to keep it all in check!

My family is first, work is constant and social is a bonus. Enjoying time in each gives me the mental balance I need, even when the actual balance may be tipped.


How has COVID changed your workday?

With family being first in my own life, COVID-19 has given me the encouragement to keep others' families first, too. We are all staying safe and supporting each other through this.


What advice do you have for other Leading Ladies of Lexington?

Everything you need to be successful is here! Lexington is a wonderful place to enjoy growth in business and in every stage of life.