Leading Ladies: Suzanne Powell


Meet: Suzanne Powell, Vice President and Wealth Management Advisor, Meridian Wealth Management, LLC

250 W Main St. Ste. 3150 // 859-806-8368 // CSGWealthManagement.com


Tell us about your career.

I have over 20 years of experience in managing finaces and investing. I started my career as a bank teller. I was promoted to assistant branch manager before becoming a licensed investment banker in 2004.

I love being able to continually add value in all aspects of my client's financial life, from saving them money on car insurance and their mortgages by referring them to local professionals, to how to best navigate the stock and bond market, to protecting their retirement income with proper planning.

"I am the board chair for Arbor Youth Services."


What are your biggest challenges as a Leading Lady?

Part of what drives me is having very aggressive goals, both personally and professionally. That can lead to me feeling overextended. So my biggest challenge is always finding enough time in the day to accomplish everything I set out to do that day. 


How do you balance all of your obligations?

It takes a village to manage work and family expectations. My mother, my husband and even our combined 6 kids all chip in and do their part with household chores at home. I have 3 assistants at work to help with all aspects of this growing advisory business. Sometimes though, when not everything can get done, it's best to let it go and hire it out!


Who inspires you?

I think my biggest inspiration come from women who started from humble beginnings and conquered their fears and life's challenges in order to add value and help the world.


What advice do you have for other Leading Ladies?

Don't be afraid to be vulnerable.