Leading Ladies: Jessica Jones Croley


Meet: Jessica Jones Croley, Medical Director, CHI Saint Joseph Health – Cancer Care

859-629-7110 // 3470 Blazer Pkwy. Ste. 230 // chisaintjosephhealth.org


Tell us about your work.

I am a Medical Director and Physician in Hematology and Medical Oncology at CHI Saint Joseph Health – Cancer Care, which recently launched an affiliation with Cleveland Clinic. I have always been drawn to science and technology, but during the course of my undergraduate studies, watched my father and grandmother battle cancer. I pivoted from the lab or technical aspects of biotechnology to the medical applications. Oncology was a natural fit, combining my love for genetics and biochemistry while giving me an opportunity to engage in the “human” side of medicine.

"My mother was a nurse for nearly 30 years. My father was a coal miner for the same. Hard work and caring for others is in my blood."


What are the challenges successful women face in the medical field?

Getting a seat at the table for decision making and being heard can be a challenge. My experience at CHI Saint Joseph has been very fulfilling. Taking a leadership role within the cancer program early in my career, I learned from senior female partners how to network, develop relationships with administrators and ensure that I could advocate effectively on behalf of my patients and staff.


What advice do you have for other women?

Trust your instincts.  Many times, women may not be as assertive in their requests or as persistent in working their path.  Don't be dissuaded by others that may try to detract from your success. Know yourself to know when to ask for help, look for other solutions or just persist in the face of adversity.