Leading Ladies: Tiffany Brewer


Meet: Tiffany Brewer, Owner, Commonwealth Audiology

502-642-4322 // 204 Bevins Ln. B | Georgetown // commonwealthaud.com


Tell us about your career.

Heading into college, Audiology wasn't even on my radar. I wanted to be a teacher. My dreams quickly changed. Following graduation, I was able to work in both an ENT and private practice environment. In the spring of 2018, my husband and I decided it was time to take the leap of faith, and we opened Commonwealth Audiology. It has been quite the rollercoaster but I would not change the journey for anything!

"During quarantine, I learned how to make multi-tier cakes from scratch!"

I am passionate about Audiology and helping others; there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have changed someone's life for the better.


How do you balance all your obligations?

I am not sure there really is such thing as balance, if I am being honest. We have to make choices to prioritize what is important to us. I have a list of those priorities. I read that list often to make sure I am staying true to my wants.

I have two daughters. I hope and pray my girls see what it means to be both a family focused woman and courageous business woman. I never want them to feel like I have chosen work over them. When I work, I am all in and dedicated to my patients. When I am home, I am fully at home and attentive to my family. The emotional pull of wanting to put all I have into everything I do can be exhausting at times. It is absolutely worth it, though!


What is your secret weapon?

Being myself. For most of us, there are multiple professionals in the community doing the same thing. You are you for a reason. Be passionate, honest, humble and you! Others will flock toward genuine people.