Leading Ladies: Melia Hord


Meet: Melia Hord, REALTOR®, Melia Realty Group

859-490-1101 // 2424 Harrodsburg Rd. Ste. 101 // meliarealty.com


Tell us about your career path.

I have been fully invested in this city as an active community and business leader in Central Kentucky for over 20 years. Over the course of my career, I've been involved in retail, accounting and commercial and residential real estate. I'm passionate about the growth, development and health of our community, so I like to help local and future residents make smart real estate decisions while connecting them to our community. I'm so glad to be finally doing my dream job!

"I have lived in five states and two countries!"


What motivates you?

I learned at a young age that life is short so it’s not the number of moments you have, but rather what you do with those moments. I love that each day I get to wake up and to go to work, where I get to share the joy of being a small part in someone’s life story.


How has COVID changed your workday?

The Melia Realty Group has taken proactive measures to keep our team and clients safe, healthy and their emotions in check. We achieved this by utilitizing techonolgy to enhance our communication and implementing the procedures we  use for our relocation and international clients daily for our local clients too. It made us sit and analyze our systems and processes to evaluate their effectiveness to work smarter and free up time to just “be present” for everyone around us.

Our goal is always to provide the ultimate client experience. We have used this time to be better agents, mentors and leaders. I smile every day watching other real estate professionals learn the secret we've known all along: that real estate isn’t about selling homes, its about building relationships.