What's Your Bouquet Style?

Haley Norris



Are you looking for something simple and traditional? Then a nosegay bouquet is for you. These little cuties feature a cluster of flowers all cut to the same length and wrapped tight creating that symmetrical round shape. The perfect compliment to any classic wedding vision.


Find yourself liking the idea of a nosegay, but wanting to add a little flair? Posy bouquets are the best of both worlds. They have the same small structure, but have unique touches that break a little outside that frame. Think round, but not perfect round.


For the whimsy at heart, an organic bouquet embraces the assymetrical and loose aesthetic, which can be very beautiful and unique. If you’re hosting your wedding outdoors or at a more non-traditional locatoin, this might be the style for you.


If you’re looking for somehting with a little drama, then a cascade bouquet might be your choice. Imagine a waterfall- like “spill” of blooms draping down the front of your dress.


These are not for the shy brides. If you’re a fan of an abundance of lush florals and making a statement, then go more oversized with your bouquet As long as your designer is aware of your size and body shape, they will be able to create something not only grand, but proportional to your frame.