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Le'Shae Robinson


What Makes Lexington Great?

For the last 83 years, the University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union (UKFCU) has worked to help people achieve financial wellbeing. President and CEO, David Kennedy, notes that, “Following our core mission of people helping people, we believe that supporting local businesses is crucial for our community's success. When we support local businesses, we are supporting our neighbors, members, and their businesses. These are the same people that support us and make it possible for us to do what we do every day.” 

UKFCU provided over 5,000 meals during COVID, including to staff of Opportunity for Work and Learning (pictured here!)

The credit union literally put their money where their mouth is when they started the UKFCU Restaurant Challenge at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their efforts led to $50,000 being spent on 5,000 meals that fed UKFCU employees, clients of the Lexington Rescue Mission, employees of God’s Pantry Food Bank, local healthcare workers, the staff of Opportunity for Work and Learning as well as many other essential workers around the city.

Outside of community work, David shows his commitment to helping people in the day to day interactions of running UKFCU. “Connecting with our members daily and helping them achieve their financial goals is the most rewarding part of our business. Over the years, we have been able to build relationships with our members. We've helped them with many milestones in their lives, from opening their first savings accounts to buying cars and homes, investing for their retirements and more,” shares David. 

It is through these relationships that UKFCU has earned the trust of the community. Since coming on board in 2007, David’s leadership has helped grow the credit union, which now has $1,092,400,000 in total assets. His efforts are backed by UKFCU’s volunteer Board of Directors which is composed completely of local residents who work to make the credit union successful and sustainable for years to come. It is no surprise then that some employees have worked for the organization for close to 40 years.

UKFCU has seen membership change since its 1937 founding. Initially, membership was limited to University of Kentucky staff and students. Today, the credit union has nearly 100,000 members with multiple ways to join, which can be found at As membership numbers and assets continue to increase, it is clear that UKFCU is a trusted partner for all of your financial needs. Stop by one of their six Fayette county locations today!

David Kennedy, President & CEO

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