Screamin' Mimi's

Le'Shae Robinson


What Makes Lexington Great?

You’ll have to taste Screamin’ Mimi’s to understand why this sweet, hot signature salsa draws crowds from near and far. It’s a 100-year-old family recipe that finally got bottled in 1993. The new owner, Webb Milward says it is a fun coincidence that his "sweet, but strong-willed" mother is also named Mimi. "She's the perfect host, and we're all about bringing people together.”

This Kentucky salsa is based on a 100-year-old recipe!

“The salsa was a staple in our kitchen growing up, and I love it so much that I bought the company about a year ago. Not only am I a massive fan of the products, I also love what they represent; sitting around the table with family and friends," Webb explains. "|I have so many fond memories of family gatherings and game days where our salsa was at the center of the celebration.”

As a Lexington native, Webb knows that local businesses are the fabric of any community. “They bring energy, excitement, and often give back. They’re something to be proud of," he explains. While he does live in Washington, DC now, Screamin’ Mimi’s is Webb’s way of staying connected to the Bluegrass. He is proud to work with other friends who are small business owners while still supporting his hometown.

Webb Milward, Owner

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