West Main Crafting Co.


What Makes Lexington Great?

When guests step into this nineteenth century-inspired craft bar, they can expect an over-the-top experience that is both welcoming and educational. Traditional service is available any day, but they also offer private, educational tastings by appointment. “As much as we love obscure cocktail and spirits arcana, the really exciting part is seeing a guest have their mind blown and catch some of the passion we bring to the job,” says Jake.

West Main Crafting Co. has the largest public collection of non-vintage absinthe in the country. 

Everything at West Main Crafting Co. – from the service and atmosphere to the carefully researched cocktails – is done with a little extra attention to detail. “We are fortunate to work for some really exceptional individuals and their vision, which we share, was simple: make something extraordinary and memorable,” Jonathan explains. “So that’s what we’ve tried to do at every turn.”

They have made concerted efforts to support the small business scene in Lexington by sourcing ingredients from local vendors. “The life of our city and culture is sustained by local money, not chains. Buying from, or dining at, local businesses instead of chains is the best way to make an impact on our community – an impact measured in millions of dollars each year,” explains Jonathan.

Jake Sulek, Beverage Director • Jonathan Laurel, Brand Director

135 W Main St. • 859.618.6318 • westmain.com