The Art of the Seating Chart

By Haley Norris


With the wedding world opening back up and feeling somewhat normal, there are a bunch of guidelines vendors are ordered to follow especially when it comes to the venues themselves. 

In order to keep all staff and wedding guests as safe as possible while celebrating, couples are asked to pay more attention to which guests are invited and where they are placed on the big day.

This is where your seating chart comes into play. COVID guidelines now require couples to have a seating chart plan not only for their reception space, but their ceremony too, which is entirely new.

Guests are now being formed into “pods” as they arrive to a wedding. When planning your seating arrangements, you’ll want to think of those people who have already been in contact with each other or around each other on a normal basis. Think close family members, couples and individuals within the same friend group. These “pods” of guests will be seated in the same row at the ceremony and then again at the same table at the reception.

The hope is this will prevent guests from being in contact with people outside of their “norm”, therefore preventing the chance of spreading the virus if it were to be present.

With extra attention to details, your wedding can still be the day you always dreamed of.