Inspirations: Desiree Cross Sparkles & Shines

Donna Ison


For as long as she can remember, Desiree Cross would not leave the house without a sparkling, statement ring on her finger and a tube of shiny lip gloss in her back pocket. So, she followed these loves down the entrepreneurial path and founded DesireeLiyah Inc., a luxury lip gloss and jewelry brand that launched in May. Cross said, “I knew when I started that I didn’t want to put out just any ring or any gloss. It had to be perfect, and just authentically me.”

“Work until you can’t work anymore because if you’re passionate about it, the reward will outweigh the exhaustion.”

The company was years in the making. According to Cross, “I have been working on finding the perfect products for me and my brand for years now. Even when I wasn’t in a financial position, I was saving different styles, doing research, and sending emails.” She advises others interested in launching a business to do the same, making certain to research, get organized, and have a solid plan. In her words, “Nowadays with such quick clicks and access, one wrong post or wording can change the game. That’s why it is so important to curate your content and make sure what you’re putting out matches your desires and philosophy of your company.”

Cross also believes in the power of putting in the work — “Work until you can’t work anymore because if you’re passionate about it, the reward will outweigh the exhaustion.”

Along with Cross, the DesireeLiyah team of brand ambassadors is made up of women of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and includes Promise Cross, Faith Cross, Raenah Hawkins, LaShayna Nicole, Mervielle Mbonekube, Kaelen Frazier, and  Jhaliyah Robinson. This diversity embodies Cross’s belief that “inclusivity is important in our world and especially in the moment we are in. We have to make sure we are always spreading love and light to those around us.”

Spreading love and light is the company’s larger mission. Cross hopes her DesireeLiyah brand inspires women to embrace their “feminism and beauty” and for all people to recognize and fulfill their potential. She states, “I want to encourage women and men of every age to love who God made them, and to feel confident even in our weakest moments. I want to be in a position to motivate, lead, and give as much energy as it takes to help my world. I hope by working together, we can make our mark here in the city of Lexington and soon, worldwide!” •