Pro to Know: Midnite Rooster

Kristy Wilcox


Strutting their stuff with Kentucky pride!

It has been said that “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Spending time with Nick Wolter, one of the co-founders of Midnite Rooster, makes it apparent that he and his team have found the ingredients to a successful business:  passion, pride, a genuine belief in one’s product, the drive to be unique and perhaps most importantly, a sense of humor.

We are the only CBD brand whose entire product lineup is both USDA Organic and Kentucky Proud.

Midnite Rooster is a small, friend-and-family owned, Kentucky-proud business based out of Lexington.  Utilizing the finest USDA Certified, organically grown hemp that our state has to offer, it is their mission to provide results-driven CBD products for customers at extremely affordable prices.  

“Nobody else has gone through the measures we’ve taken to ensure that what’s going into our products is not only of the highest quality, but locally and ethically sourced as well,” Nick states. 

Being “Kentucky Proud” is more than just a certification for Midnite Rooster: it’s a commitment to the commonwealth. “Our four co-founders, all being unique in our own beliefs and passions, wanted to give to charities that align with our personal values.”

Our four co-founders, all being unique in our own beliefs and passions, wanted to give to charities that align with our personal values.

Midnite Rooster donates a portion of their proceeds to The Lexington Humane Society, UK Children’s Hospital, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lexington, and The Hope Center which all have ties to the founders’ hearts.

What’s in a Name?

The name Midnite Rooster draws inspiration from an actual breed of rooster, the Ayam Cemani. The feathery fowl looks like a mythical creature, with a pigmentation condition giving the rooster an all- black appearance: tongue, beak and eyes included. The sexy and sleek look of the bird gave it a bold and unique feel that exemplified the goals of the brand, and with that, the rooster became the farm mascot (aptly named Mr. Midnite), and Midnite Rooster was born. 

At the heart of the company is an ethos centered around regeneration. The Midnite Rooster hemp farm includes produce rotations and livestock as part of their larger vision of healing. The name embodies the tireless, around- the- clock- approach the team takes to wellness and speaks to our holistic outlook on health. 

What Can Midnite Rooster Do for You?

CBD, for those unfamiliar, is the non-intoxicating therapeutic organic compound found in hemp. These therapeutic properties (neuroprotectant, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant), lend the compound to a host of applications, and Midnite Rooster has found a creative and fun way to bring these benefits to you.  Support for the brand is coming from all over, and the team is proud to announce that former Patriot and Super Bowl champion Zach Moore, former first-round pick with the Cleveland Browns, Phil Taylor, and KSR’s very own Drew Franklin, are all now official spokespeople for Midnite Rooster. 

Their products can be purchased online 24/7, but their products are moving into the brick-and-mortar retail community around the Lexington and Central Kentucky area.  According to Nick, “A store will soon be opening in the new Gray Line Station at Loudon and Limestone, and customers can currently find products at various area locations, including CBD Time on Woodhill and Wildcat Market on UK’s campus.” 

Give CBD a try and go with a Kentucky proud company that actually gives a cluck about their customers. Their engagement with the community is a vital core value and a major pillar to their brand.  You, the customer, make them different, and that is what they love about you.

Variety of Oils

“These oils have been meticulously crafted and engineered to be the best of the best,” Nick promises. The directions are very simple: shake well, place the recommended amount under the tongue for up to one minute.  Swallow and enjoy the benefits.  

Bare:  Stripped down to its essentials; no added flavoring; organically grown hemp really shines through.

EnjoyMint:  Utilizes fresh spearmint to provide you with a cool and invigorating taste to go along with the wellness boost.

Not Too Matcha:  Features a healthy infusion of Matcha Green Tea, which is a unique green tea.  It has a vibrant green color, a subtle aroma, and a rich umami taste.  In addition to being a fat burner, numerous studies have shown that matcha tea boosts your body’s natural detoxification systems.

Tickle Me Tangerine:  Infused with a splash of bright and crisp citrus, enough to tickle the taste buds but not enough to steal the show.

Topicals Available

Beak Butter Lip Balm: Packed with all the moisturizing, antioxidizing, and nourishing elements necessary to keep lips lush and moist

INK-ubator Tattoo Salve:  Few things are forever, but tattoos are one of them.  CBD tattoo salve has antiseptic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties necessary to protect that new ink and get you healed up in a hurry. 

KY Jesus Beard Oil:  Provides Omega 3’s, 6’s and 9’s which hydrate your scruffy man fluff into a mane of perfectly balanced lusciousness.  A well-groomed man portrays a confident man.  Drew Franklin swears by it – evidenced by his flawless beard!

Mate Bait Sexual Serum:  CBD is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, meaning it increases blood flow.  This results in increased sensitivity, enhanced relaxation, and stronger orgasms.  Suggested use:  Apply generously, then get to the action (foreplay for 15 minutes to enhance effects).

Soothing Salve Relief Stick:  A combination of anti-inflammatory eucalyptus oil, antispasmodic peppermint oil, counterirritant menthol, all enhanced by analgesic CBD; a fast-acting topical that provides quick relief to localized pain.