Legacies: Barney Miller's


On June 18th, 1922, Barney Miller opened an auto parts store on Main Street in Lexington. In the next few years, cars began coming standard with many parts he was selling. He looked for a change and sold the first radio in Kentucky. Record players were next for many years. In the 1940s, Barney and second-generation Harry Miller sold the first TV in Kentucky. Over the years, third-generation Barney Miller guided the company away from a purely retail format into an installation company.

Celebrated their 98th anniversary in June!

Continually evolving and offering cutting edge technologies is the focus today. Barney Miller’s 15 person staff is the most technical and experienced in the company’s history. They are proud to have worked with multi-generation families and businesses for electronic systems and services throughout Central Kentucky.

They are poised for growth thanks to the popularity of their products and services. They design, install, program, and service electronic systems for homes and businesses. These systems include home theater, stereo systems, smart homes, networks, security, camera systems, AV furniture and seating, conference rooms, training rooms, huddle spaces, and motorized shades, to name a few.

Their vast showroom enables clients to experience systems and technologies before they make a purchase. Free parking at their back door makes it easy for people to come in for a technology tour.

Several years ago, Barney Miller’s implemented a state of the service structure. This allows clients to choose how they want to be serviced. New installations include complimentary 24/7 tech support with priority service. They also now have technologies that allow for programming changes and rebooting equipment remotely.

Today, their knowledgeable staff, competitive prices, and ongoing customer service carry on the tradition Grandpa Barney started in 1922!