Get Your Wreath On

Haley Norris


The holiday season has finally arrived, which means it’s time to officially deck the halls...  with gorgeous, lush wreaths!

I’m sure we all have that perfectly flocked wreath on our front door, but there is so much more you can do with these beloved holiday creations.

Whether you go large on your mantle mirror or small and delicate on the backs of your kitchen barstools, the possibilities are endless.

Adding a wreath inside your home instantly creates warmth and can truly transform your home for the cozy holidays.

Choose flocked, natural with berries or even a wreath made of ornaments, you can’t go wrong!

On A Chair

The simplest way to add a little holiday flair to the inside of your home is with a mini wreath on the backs of chairs.

Whether it’s your dining room table or kitchen barstools, find a set of dainty boxwood wreaths, add a neutral toned ribbon, secure with a push pin and you’ve got yourself a perfectly decorated room.


On a Window

When we say window, we’re covering all bases. Think your front door, that kitchen window above your sink, and even the windows outside looking in.

They all deserve a little holiday flair and a wreath is the perfect touch that creates a beautiful view for you and your guests.


On a Mirror

Another favorite wreath trend is placing them on mirrors throughout your home. This is a perfect way to accent your year-round decor with a little holiday flair.

Whether it’s above your bedroom dresser or placed perfectly on your fireplace mantle, you will be surprised how a touch of green here and there completes your Christmas cottage.