Giving Back with Justin’s Place

Jennifer Baker


Giving Back with Justin’s Place

Justin King was a bright spot in so many people’s lives- the type of person who would take up for others when they couldn’t defend themselves, who would care for others when they were sick, who listened with no judgement. Anywhere he went, he seemed to find an extraordinary kid and bring great joy, if only for a few moments. At Justin’s Place we aim to bring that same brightness into children’s lives while at the farm.


Three years after Justin passed away in a car wreck, his family- Lynn and Rovena Alexander, Kim and Robby King, and Kaci and Josh Sato founded Justin’s Place. In just one year, Justin’s family purchased a beautiful farm in Wilmore, Kentucky, transformed it into a therapeutic riding center, and served over 20 children through their pilot program- Barn Buddies. Justin’s Place mission is to support extraordinary kids in their search for peace and tranquility by providing therapeutic equine activities in a beautiful farm environment.


Barn Buddies creates a weekly, tailored experience for children ages 4-12 with Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Each child assists to choose their weekly activities which can include learning about barnyard animals like sheep, goats, and pigs, working in the garden, and taking therapeutic riding lessons. The participants are working on goals like strength and coordination, social skills, independence and more- though most of them just think they are playing for an hour at the farm! 

Justin’s Place is currently accepting applications for the 2021 program year and looks forward to serving the community as they grow. You can learn more at or email [email protected].