Cuddle Up To Some Cozy Cuisine


Recently, TOPS had a chance to sit down with Jillian Richards, the Director of Marketing of Bella Note Restaurant Group to get the inside scoop on their latest culinary venture Bella Café & Grille. Here is what she had to say.

Bella Cafe and Grille came along for a couple of different reasons. Kuni Toyoda, owner, has always wanted to be in the Chevy Chase area and has had a friendship with Le Matin’s owner for years, so when Abbas decided in 2019 to retire he reached out to Kuni because he knew Kuni wanted to be in the Chevy Chase area. This opened a new door for Bella Notte Restaurant Group. We decided to step out of the “Italian” umbrella and branch out to new genres of cuisine. We did want to keep the most important element of our kitchens by continuing the focus on the scratch-made, fresh ingredients, and locally purchased as much as possible. So with that said, our menu was developed with the tag “Everyday Dining You Deserve”. Because that is exactly what we believe. Our menu has started with what we believe will be great staples for the community but we are not going to stop there. We will be evolving our menu as we meet and interact with our guests. We have already introduced a vegetarian Marinated & Grilled Portobello Burger substitute option just from the feedback we are receiving from the neighborhood. Absolutely keep an eye out for our next phase of menu items.

Our restaurant’s ambiance is also an important feature. We have designed this to be cozy and inviting as if you are at home enjoying dinner among friends and family. As the springtime approaches we will also be adding to our front outdoor dining to execute the same feeling. We want each and every guest to feel right at home at Bella Cafe & Grille! Also because we know how important Le Matin’s Bakery was to the neighborhood, we have been keeping the tradition by making fresh baguettes from Abbas’ very own recipe.

Also for all our guests that are not ready to come out and dine yet, we are offering Free Delivery through our website at