TOP 5: Winter Moisturizers


My recommendations on the top 5 Winter Moisturizers: February 2021

1) When your hands get that winter, scratchy and dry feeling nothing will heal them faster than L’Occitane Crème Mains 20% Shea Butter.  It’s a bit pricey but a little goes a long way, making it worth every cent. You can always find a tube on my desk.

2) Skin Medica – HA5 - this little jewel plumps and hydrates with Hyaluronic acid and although it doesn’t feel like lotion so you will be surprised at how well it works to hydrate skin, shrink pores and minimize fine lines.  TIP- use what is left on your hands on your lips.

3) Brazilian BUM BUM crème- I use this over my entire body every morning and it smells like a beach vacation. Get the original in the yellow tub, it smells the best and not only hydrates skin but it has a tightening factor.  I’m not so sure about the tightening factor but I definitely feel better when I wear it, placebo effect?

4) Aveeno Restorative Therapy- One thing I cannot stand is the feeling of lotion on my body when I go to bed but when winter dry skin hits and I need an extra boost, I turn to Aveeno.  It provides ample hydration but doesn’t make me feel sticky.

5) CeraVe- Daily moisturizing lotion in the pump. This also ranks up there with my favorite wintertime body lotion but there is a trick: apparently, the European version of the very same lotion is far better than what we can buy in the states.  Head to Amazon and look for one that claims to be from across the pond.

So, take the extra 5 minutes a day to love on your skin. Skin that is hydrated will age at a much slower pace.  Pay attention to your neck, chest, and hands as they are the first places to reveal your true age.