Between the Sheets


Our beds today have become not only our ‘haven’ for good rest and relaxation, but a new focal point for bedroom décor. The master bedrooms bedding design is often the first thing that one sees when entering the room.  Not only does it have the ability to set the tone for the room, but depending on the fabrics you choose, it also helps determine the comfort level of your bed.

Choose One Hue

Keep it minimal and relaxing with a deep saturates color for a more masculine look or a lighter tone for an airier feel.  Mix and match the duvet and pillow shames with complementary one-tone cotton sheet sets.  You cannot go wrong with a simple, puffy white down comforter and matching shams.  This is also one of the most soothing designs you can choose.

Pattern & Pretty

Make your bedding a little more dynamic by choosing a pattern as a focal point. There are endless possibilities including scrolled patterns, medallions, and botanical silhouettes awash in a colorful palette.  Be inventive!

Comfy, Cozy & Billowy

This bedding idea is all about the layers and fabrics. Cover a thinner, stitched quilt with a thicker, down insert-filled duvet folded back slightly to reveal the layers. Layer the pillows to create a full, lush look. It’s easy to swap out the pillow colors seasonally, and a perfect opportunity to mix and match.

Pillow Talk

Accent or throw pillows are a quick and impactful finishing touch. Add a dash of style and comfort that’s easy to change at any time. Bedding sets of five or seven pillows include various shapes as well as pillow shams that can be changed out easily if you like to change up your bedding with the seasons.





Everyone knows that the perfect bath towel is a worthwhile investment. The magic moment when you step out of the shower and wrap yourself in that warm, plush embrace? Priceless! If your towels aren’t giving you those warm fuzzy feelings, these tips can help you find the right fit… and care for the fabulous towels you’ve already got!


looking for a towel that is both soft and ultra-absorbent? Look for….

  • 100% cotton (preferable Turkish or Supima/prima cotton)
  • Over 600 GSM (grams/square)

Looking for a towel that is quick-drying and durable? Look for…

  • Cotton-poly blend OR
  • Lower pile with lower GSM.

Looking for a towel that is eco-friendly? Look for…

  • Bamboo is a very sustainable material. This fabric is ultra-absorbent and quick drying.  Bamboo also resists fungus and germs!
  • However, most of these towels aren’t as thick or soft as more luxurious cotton options.

Care Tips:

Skip fabric softeners and dryer sheets when laundering your towels: this adds residue that reduces the absorbency.  Dryer balls with a drop or two of your favorite essential oil is all you need!


Don’t use bleach. Instead, put a cup of white vinegar in the wash with your towels once a month. This will help remove oils and residue from the towels, keeping them absorbent and fresh smelling. 

Hang towels on a bar rather than a hook for the fastest drying time or use a towel warmer.  The longer a towel is wet, the more likely it is to get funky.  Bath towels should be washed every three to five uses. 

Oversized bath sheets offer more warmth and larger size, which means more snuggling. Regular bath towels are easier to launder. Regular bath towels are easier to launder.  As the name suggests, hand towels are for drying your hands!