Accessory Swap

Allyson Mattingly


As summer winds down and the leaves start to change, it’s time to rotate our closets once again. Switch out those sandy beach bags for gameday purses and trade in your fl oppy sun hats for knitted beanies. Of course, if you live in Kentucky, you’re fully aware that you probably won’t need to break out your full beanie collection until at least the last week of the month, but a felt hat will work until then! Check out our favorite accessory swaps and get a big pot of chili going on the stove, because you know what time it is…it’s fall y’all!

Hats Off

There's nothing like topping off the perfect fall fit with the perfect hat. Whether you're spending the day shopping or going to the UK home football game, these are sure to get you set up right.

Bag it up

As women, our purse of choice is crutial. Not only do they have to be adorable, but they must be fuctional as well. In this case, size does matter ladies.

Touch of Style

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories. Everything from jewelry, scarves and sunnies, your wardrobe should have these go-to staples.