Cocktail Rooms

Amanda Harper


The latest house trend takes one of our favorite home staples – the home bar – and super sizes it! We’ll show you how to make this idea work for your space... because we know you definitely deserve a drink. Cheers!

Built-in Beauty

Built-ins make the perfect bar cabinet. If yours have been storing books you never read and knick-knacks you don’t love, we fully advocate for you to make this switch!

Converting a set of built-ins to serve as a bar couldn’t be simpler. You may wish to install a wine rack and tracks for storing glassware (as seen here). Consider the placement of your shelves and adjust as necessary to accommodate your bottles. We also recommend painting surfaces with a gloss paint for easier cleaning – if you like red wine, consider going with a darker color to hide any spills.

All that’s left to do? Get mixing!

If you don’t have built-ins, you can often achieve the look by carefully placing flat-pack bookcases. Use moulding or trim to help the bookcases blend more seamlessly into your space.

Small Wonder

Having limited space doesn’t mean you have to skip this trend. Instead, think about little areas of your home that you could turn into a relaxing retreat for sipping your favorite beverage.

Both of the ideas pictured here bring the bar to you. Existing armchairs get a cocktail table or cart, transforming an otherwise unused space into something fabulous. Most of us have an accent table that never gets used – but which we have to dust nonetheless. What if you transformed that underutilized surface into a miniature bar? Likewise, that armchair no one ever seems to sit in could become your new “me time” spot.

Out of the Box

Are you really strapped for space inside? Prefer sipping drinks outdoors? Think outside the box – or your house! Porches, patios, decks and sunrooms make ideal cocktail “rooms.”

We love how the designer in the room to the left repurposed a cabinet as a bar. The bright pop of color makes this sunroom feel so bright and cheery – even with the navy backdrop! Surrounded by loungers, this space feels like the perfect spot for relaxed conversation and great drinks.

Wall-mounted bars are a great option for tight courtyards and patios. The MacKenzie-Childs stylists actually flipped a planter box upside-down to make their bar! It’s an adorable look that doesn’t take up a ton of space.