20 Questions: Jack Pattie

Paul Chartier


What is your name?

Jack Pattie, John Richardson Pattie

Where were you born?

Lexington KY

Who are your Mom and Dad?

Dorothy and William

Fondest memory of your Mom and Dad?

Wonderful memories of my Mom. My parents were divorced when I was nine years old, not so much of my Dad. My Mom died a month before her 97th birthday two years ago. She was an icon.

Do you have any siblings?

I have a brother, Russell who lives here and he’s getting ready to move to New York. He has three grandkids north of New York City and they want to be around those kids.

Tell me about your wife.

I’ve been married more than once. My first wife’s name was Debbie, and we had two daughters together. One’s name is Angel and is special needs. I’m still very involved in her life. My other daughter’s name is Jenny, who helps in Angel’s care. Then I was married to a school teacher and entrepreneurial lady, then after 10 years of marriage lost her to lung cancer. My current wife is Julie. She spent 30 years with the state helping poeple with disabilities and just retired a couple of years ago.

What are your children’s names?

Angel and Jenny

Where did you go to college?

I didn’t go to college. I grew up in the north end of town, I went to Bryan Station High School through my sophomore year, then we moved to the south end, and went to Tates Creek High School. There I met Mr. Terrell Whitaker, who was involved in then Channel 62, and 1300 WVLG radio and he helped me get my first job in radio. Had it not been for him, I’m not sure what I’d be doing today.

What was your first job?

A little radio station in Georgetown WAXU, Top Gun Country. I was 16 years old and that was way before Country was cool.

How long have you lived in Lexington?

All my life.

When did you start at VLK?

I was given an opportunity as Program Director at WLAP, and was there for a year. I was horrible at it, I’m not management material. I was fired after a year; the worst thing that could happen ended up being the best thing that could happen, because I came back to WVLK and I’ve been here ever since 1981.

Favorite memory at VLK?

I was in the car with a Disc Jockey from VLK by the name of Denny Mitchell. I couldn’t stop talking to him because I knew I wanted to be in radio, and he said ‘why don’t you come to the station and hang out?’ So that’s what I did for the first few years. Those memores are golden.

Favorite type of music?

I like Jazz and Rock,but don’t care for heavy metal.

Favorite charity you support?

Cardinal Hill Hospital. We were told that Angel would never walk and learned about Cardinal Hill’s preschool therapy. The therapist there was told that the Neurologist said Angel would never walk and she said ‘you watch’. My daugher’s knees were backward, and this therapist took tennis balls, wrapped them behind Angels’s knees to keep her knees from going backward, and got a toy grocery cart, weighted it down with canned goods and she learned how to walk pushing that grocery cart. I will always be forever indebted to Cardinal Hill.

What do you like to do for fun?

We like to travel, but we mainly like to be home doing nothing. We are both true crime junkies.

Who is your hero?

Probably Terrell Whitaker who helped me get my first job in the business. I’m so fortunate to be going almost 54 years now to work every day to a job that I absolutely love.

One thing people are surprised to know about you?

I’m pretty transparent and I usually wear shorts to work.

How long have you been Lexington’s Santa Claus?

I started that when I was in the 4th Grade. It was the only time in my school history that I was the teachers pet. We had a Christmas program at school, and I got to be Santa; I was able to fit the costume. They put spirit gum on my face and placed the beard on it. From that experience, at the age of nine, I believed I’d be Santa some day. I started in 2006 looking for and buying costumes and did my research. I had a Santa idol, Brady White, and I believed he was the best Santa in the world. I copied Brady in a lot of ways, and got an offer to do Miracle on 34th Street as Kris Kringle with the Woodford Co Theater. In addition to being Santa at several places, it grew from there. I love doing it! It’s truly a gift.

What do you love about all of your years in Lexington?

I love the city. I love getting people close to my age together and remiscing about the old days. I love doing that.

One thing you’d like to share with the people of Lexington:

I hope you enjoy the gift it is to live in this city. It’s one thing to live in a great city, it’s another thing to live in a great city and to know it and appreciate it.



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