Pickleball in Kentucky

Allyson Mattingly


A cross between ping pong, badminton, and tennis, pickleball is a fun, easy-to-learn game that can be enjoyed well by players of any age. Even though it was invented in 1965, pickleball participation has grown an average of 158.6% over the last three years, with just over 10,000 pickleball courts in the United States!

With an estimated 36.5 million pickleball players in the US, we’re sure at least a few of you readers are ready to play! Pickleheads, an online destination founded by experienced entrepreneur Brandon Mackie, is the perfect platform to find courts in Lexington, organize sessions with friends, and connect with local players.

While you can play pickleball independently, Pickleheads makes it a snap to connect and socialize with other central Kentuckians – potentially leaving you with new lifelong friends. “Pickleball is a social activity as much as it’s a sport,” says Brandon Mackie. “It’s commonly played in an open-play format where 50 or even more players show up and rotate games and partners. You also almost always play pickleball as doubles, which leaves many opportunities to socialize and meet players.”

Pickleball may be a bit of a pickle to master (pardon our pun), but even beginners tend to pick the game up quickly and keep coming back for more. “Pickleball’s popularity exploded during the pandemic, when many Americans were looking for responsible ways to socialize and stay active. But that was only the beginning – pickleball’s growth has continued even as lockdowns have ended and normal life has resumed,” explains co-founder Brandon. 

Not quite sure where to start? Visit the Pickleheads website to learn more about the sport, locate courts and find other pickleball friends!