Kids Fun Projects for the Summer

Haley Norris


Summertime for kids is the perfect escape and opportunity to do all of their favorite things outside! Whether it involves water, paint or games, doing it in the sunshine makes it way more fun! Try some of these fun activities to keep those kiddos entertained while school is out for the summer!


Ice Cube Painting

Beat the heat and creative urges with this super fun activity! All you need is washable craft paint, popsicle sticks and an ice tray and you’ve got yourself a new set of paints to use on a hot summer’s day! Credit: The Play Based Mom


Stained Glass Chalk Art

Looking to help your child take their chalk art to the next level? Simply marking your sidewalk with painters tape can instantly inspire them to create their own stained glass artwork the whole neighborhood can admire! Credit: Juggling With Kids


Puffy Sidewalk Paint

It’s always fun to do the things we love but in exciting new ways. So, instead of using ordinary craft paint, plan a fun experiment with your kids and make puffy paint instead! Creating materials that stimulate more than one sense for children increase their excitement for learning, which is important to continue throughout their summer break. Credit: Best Ideas for Kids

Puffy Paint Ingredients

• Flour - 1 cup

• Water - 1 cup

• Dish Soap - 1 tbsp

• Sidwalk Chalk - 1 piece

(leftover or broken pieces are great for this!)

• Plastic Squeeze Bottles


Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe

This is a great activity to help your kiddos with their hand-eye-coordination and burn a little energy at the same time. (Which all parents can appreciate!) Use your yard, the driveway or even an old blanket or quilt to make a DIY tic-tac-toe board and you’re all set for a fun game for the whole family!

Tip: Make sure to get 2 frisbee sets in different colors so you can keep track of who wins! Additionally, you can mark them with an X and O to stay true to this forever classic game.

Credit: Alex Is A Mom & DIY Adulation


Squirt Gun Painting

Any kid, any age, loves playing with squirt guns so why not take a fun spin on this beloved toy and add paint inside instead of water? Tape up paper on a canvas and watch them go to town with creativity!  Credit: Fireflies and Mudpies


Giant Coloring Book

Who doesn’t love coloring? Especially on a giant scale! Take old cardboard boxes and tape them up on your fence or house for larger than life coloring! Trust us, your kids don’t care how great your drawings look, they’ll enjoy every second!  Credit: Busy Toddler