How to Support Local Arts

Amanda Harper


TEN easy ways to support local artists, arts organizations and creators in our community to ensure a healthy future for central Kentucky’s incredible arts culture...


Be Entertained

If ever there was a win-win, attending arts events in central Kentucky is a big one! Not only do you get to experience the rich culture of our region – and get entertained, to boot – but you’re directly supporting artists and arts organizations by doing so. From local theater to incredible music, there are countless ways to support the arts while having a great time!


Enjoy Exhibitions

On any given day, there are multiple art exhibits and installations up for you to view. And if you think you’ve already “been there, done that,” think again; many galleries have rotating exhibits to ensure there’s always something you haven’t seen. From the Lexington Public Library to the Headley Whitney Museum, there is always something beautiful to take in and enjoy. Don’t forget that viewing public art, such as murals, sculptures and street performances is a free way to enjoy your life in Lex while still encouraging local artists.


Buy Art!

The simplest, most effective way to support local artists? Buy their art or commission their work! Hire a local artist to paint a mural in your home, purchase gifts made by a local artisan, shop for your wall art from local galleries or commission a musician to write a custom piece of music for your wedding (or a friend’s!) Plus... who doesn’t want the chance to call themselves an actual “patron of the arts?”


Make a Donation

You have a few (generally, tax-deductible) options when it comes to giving to arts nonprofits and organizations. You can choose to give directly to these groups, ensuring your money goes towards a cause you’re passionate about. Or, you can give to an organization such as LexArts, which pools funds to help support a number of artists and arts organizations, multiplying your impact in our community.


Go Gala

Buying a ticket or table for an arts fundraising gala or event means you’re supporting the organization… while in return getting a wonderful night out on the town! This is a great way for local businesses to support the arts, as well.


Follow Along

Following artists and arts organizations on social media is a completely free way to increase their reach. Sharing their posts brings awareness to your followers. Plus, this can help you stay in the know about upcoming arts exhibitions, events and concerts!


Take a Class

Want to try your hand at painting, pottery, writing, acting or even blacksmithing? Taking art classes not only deepens your appreciation for an artisan’s work, it also allows you to bond with the artist and other folks in the community who appreciate the arts. And hey, who knows, maybe you’ll be a full-time artist by the time the class is done!


Meet an Artist

We challenge you: strike up a conversation with at least one local artist, musician or creator within the next month. Maybe you won’t be friends for life, but you’re sure to learn a little about their work, their inspirations and what drives them to create. 


Word of Mouth

Support local artists and arts organizations by telling a friend. Whether it’s sharing the details of an upcoming artists’ market or encouraging a friend to commission a painting, you can always support artists by sharing your enthusiasm for their work.


Membership Has Its Perks

Becoming a member or official supporter of museums and arts facilities ensures the future of visual and performing arts in our community. Buying season tickets or passes is often a great deal for you while offering the organization the promise of your support. Don’t forget that your business (or even you!) can become an official sponsor of concert seasons, art exhibitions and more. 


The Bottom Line:

If you’ve always assumed supporting the arts would be a costly endeavor, you couldn’t be more wrong! Most often, the best way to support the arts is to simply engage. Whether it’s stopping to check out the Art on the Town carts, attending a concert or following a maker on social media, you can make a big difference simply by showing up.

And if you’ve ever been guilty of saying there’s nothing to do in Lexington? Once you start looking for arts events, you’ll find there’s something incredible to discover every single day of the year! •