The Apiary Unveils OMAGE: Parties, Events, and Monthly Dinners Open to the Public

Lindsey Cheatham, Partner | Kismet Marketing


The Apiary, a cornerstone of culinary excellence and hospitality in Lexington for the past 15 years, is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated unveiling of OMAGE, a series of events designed to celebrate food, art, and community through inspired dining experiences.

OMAGE is Apiary’s platform to open its doors to the community so more people can experience the magic that is Apiary. No two OMAGE events are alike; each is inspired at every level — from cuisine and floral to wines and cocktails, you can always expect a unique experience. "I've always believed in the power of food and hospitality to bring people together and create transformative experiences," says Cooper Vaughan, Founder and Proprietor of The Apiary.

"With the OMAGE series, we're taking that philosophy beyond private events and out into the local community. We invite our guests to embark on culinary adventures that seek to potentiate connection, wonder, curiosity, and presence. Our team receives these gifts from engaging in this creative work, and we know the abundance we’re creating here is meant to be shared.”

Explore the OMAGE Series: - OMAGE Destination: We pay homage to the places that inspire us. We immerse you in the feeling, flavors, and sounds of a unique corner of the world through the authenticity and attention to detail of our seated multi-course tasting menus. From the spices of Morocco to the lavender fields of Provence, each destination dinner is a celebration of what makes our world alive – all from the comfort of your own private table. - OMAGE Soirée: Let loose and dance the night away at our cocktail-style soirées. With live music, chef-led cooking stations, and an ambiance that transports you to exotic locales, OMAGE Soirée is the epitome of vibrant world-class celebration in the heart of Lexington. - Prix Fixe Dinner: Indulge in an intimate and inspired dining experience at Prix Fixe. With expertly curated menus featuring best-of-season ingredients and sommelier-selected wine pairings, Prix Fixe is perfect for those seeking culinary excellence in an intimate setting. - Wine Dinner: Expand your palate and explore the world of wine, region by region. Each of the five courses presented at our Wine Dinners will be artfully crafted and paired with a different vintage from the evening’s chosen region. Led by our resident sommelier, this culinary journey promises to tantalize your taste buds while igniting your love of wine. - Asado: An off-premise culinary experience steeped in years of tradition, Asado captures the magic of open-air grilling under a starlit sky. Guests will indulge in hearty tapas, charcuterie, curated cocktails, and the warmth of community as we gather around the fire and table with friends, old and new. - Secret Supper: Embark on a clandestine culinary adventure at our Secret Supper events. While the location is not revealed to guests until the day of the event, every detail - from the menu and pairings to the ambiance and décor, will be drenched in mystique and be artfully presented as the evening unfolds.

"OMAGE is the culmination of our efforts over the past four years to create something we are really proud to share with Lexington. It is the heart and creative engine of Apiary,“ adds Mea Vaughan, Creative Director and Proprietress of The Apiary. “We see this platform as a way to facilitate connection, magical experiences, and a thriving internal culture of innovation. It’s our opportunity to have fun in our craft and invite you in to enjoy it!” Tickets and Reservations: Tickets and table reservations for March and April OMAGE events are now open to the public.

For more information about OMAGE and to view upcoming events, visit and follow us on Instagram (@omageatapiary)

About The Apiary: Located in the heart of Lexington, The Apiary is a renowned event venue and culinary destination dedicated to providing unparalleled hospitality and unforgettable experiences. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for culinary innovation, The Apiary has become a beloved fixture in the local community and beyond.