Bring the Outside In

Amanda Harper


Bring it in: Stunning ways to make the beauty of spring a part of your home's décor!

Natural Welcome

A cheerful, nature-inspired hue in your foyer – or even on your front door – bridges the divide between the outdoors and the indoors. Select colors and patterns that are inspired by nature for a subtle nod to all the beauty that's just outside.


Divide & Conquer

No matter how much you love a wallpaper or paint color, any design choice can quickly become an overwhelming sight in an entryway. Creating a visual break using wainscoting, chair rails, paneling or color blocking will prevent this pitfall. It also adds a cozy feeling that will remind your guests of quaint countryside cottages, surrounded by lush English gardens.


Botanical Prints

Looking for a low-commitment way to incorporate the Great Outdoors into your spaces? Framed botanical prints can be easily incorporated into absolutely any décor. Get prints that match each season and swap them out as the weather changes.


Material Girl

Wicker, rattan, grasscloth, seagrass and other nature-inspired materials are home design classics.
These fibers instantly bring the outdoors into your home spaces.


Plant Matter

Obviously, adding cut flowers or live plants to your space will make them feel more springy. But branches, moss, bark, raw wood and other plant matter can add a natural element in a more surprising way.


Nature-Inspired Mural

Murals are a timeless design feature, but they happen to be very much on-trend right now. There are many ways to achieve this look.

Hand-painted: Selecting an artist to hand-paint your mural ensures that you get exactly what you want and that it fits your space perfectly. While this option can be costly, the payoff is a one-of-a-kind mural that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Mural paper: These specially designed wallpaper panels are designed to hang just like any other wallpaper, the effect usually isn’t a repeating pattern but, instead, a mural design. The downside is that it can be very difficult to line up the panels perfectly; even seasoned wallpaper DIYers often choose to leave the hanging of murals to the pros.

Wallpaper: Some people choose to fake the look of a mural using wallpaper on a single feature wall. These faux murals generally work best if either the print is quite large or when your match the paint color of the other walls to the background color of the wallpaper.

Panels: Often seen with chinoiserie, this option involves getting a mural on a series of panels that you can hang on your wall like any other art. While the format often means that the design is broken up by trim or frames, the removable nature means you can take the panels with you when you move.