Throwback Home Trends

Amanda Harper


Retro Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have become the new default for home design. They’re easy to clean and sleek, but can feel too modern in some spaces. More and more homeowners are looking to the past for their kitchen installs. Think 1950s pastel fridges with those dreamy chrome handles, or stoves that look like they belong in a hunter’s lodge from the 1800s. 

While some people are rehabbing true antique appliances, manufacturers are fortunately making these styles with all of the modern conveniences we love. Brands like Smeg, Big Chill, Classic Retro by Unique, Aga, and Ilve Nostalgie have styles that will make your kitchen a beautiful time warp.


Tile Wild

In 2024, tiles make a statement instead of fading into the background. Many homes are taking cues from 1920s Art Deco tile installs as well as the “more is more” outlook of the 1970s. The result is the use of tile as a focal point. 

Zellige tile is very much on-trend, offering beautiful color and texture with virtually endless opportunities for personalized touches. Experts predict that terra cotta tile is also due for a comeback. 

Grout is getting a retro revamp by adding interesting color: white tile with pink grout is an 80s throwback statement you’ll love!


Eat-in Kitchens

According to a trend report, 57% of designers surveyed by the National Kitchen & Bath Association said that their clients prefer an eat-in kitchen instead of a formal dining room. 

Eat-in kitchens became popular in the 1960s but really went the way of the Dodo when open-concept interiors basically made every room a part of the kitchen. Walls are now going back up in home layouts, but homeowners aren’t ready to let go of the communal atmosphere of the eat-in kitchen, even if that means skipping the formal dining room all together.


90s Neutrals

Remember when we were all so sick of beige, it became the way we describe anything that was sad, boring, uninspiring and otherwise blah? Yeah, forget all that. Grey is the new "sad" color.

Brown and beige are taking over. Along with those warm tones, people are reaching for yellow, peach, caramel, coral and persimmon hues. This color trend pairs perfectly with the rattan looks that have been on trend for a few years now.


Tassels, Fringe & Other Fun Trims

Maximalists rejoice! These stunning trims bring so much personality to pieces. Tassels, fringe, pom-pons, borders and ric-rac offer so much texture and lushness to your space. These trims also help every piece feel completely custom – whether it is or not.

When people have their draperies custom made, they often balk at the (admittedly high) price of these trims. Talk to your fabric specialist about interesting ways to utilize these add-ons to their fullest potential. Using the trim on the bottoms and the curtain-tie back only will have a huge visual impact without breaking the bank. Picking up the same trim on your throw pillows will tie everything together nicely.


All Those Curves

Arches, scalloped edges, “blob” mirrors and curved details have been on trend in recent years, and they don’t show any signs of going away. These looks take their inspiration from mid-century pieces as well as the art deco movement. Paired with hard edges, this trends instantly creates so much visual interest!


Good Granite

For many of us, granite never really went out of style, but it did take a backseat to marble for a few years. Now, more interior designers are returning to this stunning stone. 

This natural material offers a stunning variety of looks, so it’s a good choice no matter your design style. In this kitchen, it almost resembles poured concrete, but the veining is unmistakably natural.

Quartz and quartzite are also making their way back into kitchens!


Exposing Wood

Break out the paint stripper. More and more people are removing the layers of paint that have been added to millwork over the years, letting the beautiful woodwork shine. 

In homes without those beautiful details, more homeowners are calling in the pros to create them. For older homes, period-authentic millwork can add so much character! High-quality wood paneling is seeing a lot of play in designer homes, and is integrated in more interesting ways than ever. •