A Year of YOU: Invest in Yourself

Amanda Harper


Do you ever struggle to justify spending money on yourself?

Studies show that most people can easily part with small sums of cash to “treat” themselves. But it can be harder to justify bigger expenditures for ourselves, regardless of whether the expense is something we simply want or something we genuinely need. Feelings of guilt arise, along with the ugly little voice in the back of our heads that tells us we’re being selfish.

A common tactic in therapy is to put your best friend in your shoes, so to speak. Imagine if your friend was debating on whether or not they should spend money on themselves: wouldn’t you tell them to go for it? Wouldn’t you assure them that they’re not being selfish at all, that they deserve it?


Address Needs

If you truly need something, be it a medical procedure or reliable transportation, spending money isn’t a matter of selfishness or greed; it’s a necessity. Paying for a necessity actually benefits everyone around you. You know how airlines advise you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others? It’s the same with your everyday needs; if you aren’t taken care of, you can’t take care of anyone else.


Investing in Your Career

Investing in your work life can be rewarding on many levels. The costs of professional development, memberships to networking groups or going back to school can pay off in the long run. More than that, they help broaden your horizons and enrich you as a person. That’s worth the price of admission!


Invest It/Save It

Many people struggle to save money because they feel like that money should be put toward more immediate concerns. While paying down debt and meeting your needs is important, saving for the future is absolutely essential. Consider it paying your future self. Moreover, you should have a small emergency savings set aside in case everything in your life goes sideways. “What if” is an uncomfortable question, but it’s worth asking: “What if the worst happens?” You deserve to have the security that an emergency fund could provide.


Feel Amazing

One area many people struggle to spend money on? Their appearance. It’s hard to justify these expenses as anything but self-serving. But... what’s so bad about that? Confidence spreads throughout all areas of your life. Consider it an investment in your power!


Make Memories

Experiences are priceless – even if your favorite airline seems all too eager to put a price on your fun. While you shouldn’t go into debt to have fun, you should set aside money and PTO to ensure that you are able to enjoy your one incredible life!


Small Luxuries

Studies show that intentional acts of indulgence have a positive effect on our mental health and overall well-being. While everything must be done in moderation, having an occasional “treat yourself” moment can provide an immediate mood boost and combat long-term stress. Whether it’s a massage or that designer bag you’ve been eyeing, you deserve to gift yourself that joy. •