Kentucky Author Tyeshia Sturgis

Erin Oliver


If I learned anything from my inspiring conversation with Kentucky writer Tyeshia Sturgis, or her pen name T.L. Sturgis, it’s that as long as you have the willingness and grit to go after what you want, and stay grounded, you can achieve anything. 

"When I started this journey, it’s because I had a passion for writing. I wanted to leave a legacy for my family, break generational curses, advocate for mental health."

Tyeshia grew up in Mt. Sterling, where she started journaling at a young age. Since mental health was not a heavy topic while she grew up, she found herself using journaling to cope. “My outlet was always writing”, she said. However, it wasn’t until a teacher wrote a note   on her short story assignment, “Stephen King & Edgar Allen Poe would love this” (Tyeshia’s favorite authors), that she knew writing would always be a part of her life.

But generating the momentum Tyeshia has now found, writing 6-8 hours per day and in the production of transforming a novella into a film, didn’t begin until the lockdown of 2020. After moving to Lexington in her twenties and raising her children, she suddenly found herself with time. “During COVID, it let me get back to me. Let me try to write a book.” First came a book of poetry, which received high praises on social media. From there, she just kept going. “I read articles, watched Youtube, and tried to do things on my own. I didn’t realize how much work it entailed.”

When I asked Tyeshia about her experience or inspirations from other Kentucky writers, she explained, “I couldn’t find writers that wanted to help other writers.” Rather, it was through social media and online writers’ groups, that she found the most community, and where others sought out her advice. “People thought I was a guru but really I’m not. I skipped a lot of steps, reset…I’m just a regular person. You can come to me with anything with writing.” 

Tyeshia explained how just like her journaling was therapeutic for her growing up, that’s how writing is for her now. “When I write, I am thinking about trauma and how to overcome it. There’s always an uplifting part, which is very important to me. When I started this journey, it’s because I had a passion for writing. I wanted to leave a legacy for my family, break generational curses, advocate for mental health.”

Tyeshia stays true to this effort in “The Devil’s Daughter”, her novella currently in development to become a film. “I wanted to write a horror book. I’m going to put my biggest fears in this book. Not only was it a release for me, but it was like a way to journal for me.” Tyeshia hopes to use real paranormal places in Kentucky for filming in efforts to stay locally focused.

Every sentence Tyeshia spoke was coated with gratitude and humility. “I feel like I am so blessed,” she said multiple times during our conversation. “I never forget the people who help me along the way. God has given me the gift to gab, so I just gab!”

Tyeshia strives to make her writing leave the reader on a positive note, no matter the genre. “I want to leave hope for people. If I can step out and do it, then they can too.”

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About The Devil's Daughter:

Lilith has always believed that an evil entity has had its grip on her since birth. Throughout her life, she has been compelled to commit heinous acts by this demon. However, when she finally crosses a line and commits an unspeakable crime, she is sentenced to spend the rest of her life in a mental institution for the criminally insane.

The question remains: is Lilith truly possessed by a demon, or is she simply suffering from a severe mental illness?

Through telling her story, Lilith hopes to shed light on the truth and warn others about the dangers that lie ahead. She remains steadfast in her belief that she is not insane and that her actions were necessary to save humanity from eternal damnation. For those who refuse to believe in the supernatural, Lilith strives to provide insight and understanding before it's too late.

The novel is currently in development as a cinematic exploration delving into the realms of psychological horror and the supernatural. This upcoming movie aims to navigate the blurred boundaries between the tangible and the supernatural, inviting viewers to question their beliefs and immerse themselves in a haunting narrative.