Top 5 Dining: Mobile to Mortar

Whitney Sandusky


Athenian Grill
Looking for a taste of authentic Greece? Athenian Grill is a must!  The local ingredients are as fresh as the environment, where aromatic food is on display while you order.  Along with classic Gyros (“yee-ros”) with your choice of filling, the Spanikopita is a favorite, (phyllo layered with spinach and feta cheese) as are the traditional Greek dips.  From mobile beginnings to two brick and mortar locations, Athenian Grill’s family inspired creations are a local favorite! 
313 South Ashland Avenue • (859) 303-5048
115 North Locust Hill Drive • (859) 368-9725 •

Middle Fork Kitchen Bar
Beginning with “Fork in the Road” mobile galley, Chef Mark Jensen has now launched his brick and mortar venture, Middle Fork Kitchen Bar. It’s a unique open concept dining experience situated in the Distillery District that mixes modern with the past.  Diners have the opportunity to watch the magic of the kitchen.  The culinary magic is certainly evident in dishes such as “Hog N’ Oats” which consists of goetta, grits, cheese, red tomato jam, confit of green tomatoes and soft poached egg.  
1224 Manchester Street • (859) 309-9854 •

J. Render’s Southern Table & Bar
Husband and wife team, Ren and Gwyn Everly have spent over 20 years perfecting their meats and sides.  They serve the classics but have one-of-a-kind favorites like the “Oh No You Didn’t” grilled cheese sandwich, pulled pork and smoked macaroni and cheese between two slices of texas toast.  J. Render’s has a selection of  signature bbq sauces including sweet, hot, Maker’s Mark and Alabama white sauce.  While you can still find the “Big Red” BBQ food truck out on the streets of Lexington, look for their permanent location opening this spring at Beaumont Centre.  
3191 Beaumont Centre Circle • (859) 533-9777 •

Crank and Boom
I scream, you scream, because we are crazy for the delicious homemade ice cream creations of Crank & Boom! The C&B Ice Cream Lounge is located in the heart of the Distillery District. Ice cream is the cornerstone of their menu and includes unique flavors such as Bourbon Ball, Honey Bourbon and Strawberry Balsamic; each  flavor has its own story and supports local producers.  Their inventive menu includes so much more than ice cream though — C&B delights with specialty and spiked coffee drinks, a hot chocolate bar, cocktails and even a Sunday Waffle Brunch.
1210 Manchester Street • (859) 288-2176 •

Han cook in
From yellow buggy to Broadway, Han Cook In is considered a top spot for Korean comfort food in Lexington.  Chef and owner Lucy Seo creates a welcoming and fun environment, and calls her new location a “food addiction” house. With a nod to tradition, all sauces are made in-house and use local ingredients. Favorite dishes to enjoy include Kimchi Mandoo, Smoked Gimbap, Fire Noodles and Seo’s “KFC” (Korean Fried Chicken).  Stop by Han Cook In for a taste of Korea, you’ll return time and again. 
1030 South Broadway, Suite 2 • (859) 523-3327 •