By Buffy Lawson


There is nothing quite like the feeling of doing a little shopping in late September, when BAAAAAAAAM you walk around the corner and see it. You know what I am talking about. The scary aisle that holds hundreds of red and green elves, Santa ornaments, stockings and lit up wreathes. 

You can almost see your own body floating over yourself laughing and poking fun of the overwhelming sense of panic on your face. First of all, let’s be practical. SEPTEMBER??? Let’s give some grrrrrrrr where it is due. It really is ridiculous and perfectly unnecessary for retailers to torture individuals by placing Christmas items out so early. But it is what it is. 

Moving forward, I have a jolly ole’ suggestion that just might put a little more cheer and heartfelt joy in the season. I say, for starters, this year and from now on, keep it real! Don’t stress your person or checkbook trying to make Santa appear to be a cheap skate.

Make your list and check it twice, right before you scratch off at least half of the names on it. Choose instead to find a family who is struggling…preferably with children…find out the sizes, likes and needs of the kids and take an afternoon to shop for them.  Get your own family and children involved by delivering the gifts. Can you imagine how much more rewarding this would be than giving Wilma at the office a basket of lavender lotions? 

Tell Wilma that you decided to do Christmas a little different this year. She just might be grateful that she doesn’t have to act as if she actually liked the basket of lavender lotions!

Next, for those who remained on the list…spend time thinking about who they really are. If they did make the list, surely they are super special to you. Instead of fighting with the ladies at Macy’s over a cashmere scarf, why not handwrite a secret recipe that your person has always loved? Letting them know of course, that this remains between the two of you. How special would that be?

Or perhaps for your significant other…a sweetly decorated envelope full of….love coupons! How much fun could you have as they were being cashed in over the course of the year? “ONE FREE I’VE GOT THE DISHES FOR A WEEK. O.K…. maybe a day, but you get the point.

As for the kiddo’s. Yes, gifts have become a big part of tradition and they will certainly be hoping for some shiny bows under the tree. But take time to remind them that you do pay Santa for those gifts to help him afford presents for Children who can’t afford them. 

So the things that I have suggested will take time and a little money, but hopefully you will feel so pleased that you just might find yourself making your New Year’s resolution to have meaningful, loving, stress free Christmas’s for the rest of your life! No more Baah Humbug!!!