By Drew Johnson


On September 3, 2016, some idiot took to Facebook and posted the following rant:

“Not really caring about Stoops and his $12 million buyout. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE, an SEC team losing to Southern Mississippi. No excuses! Fire him, Barnhart.”

I mean, seriously, what gutless coward would take to social media and blast Kentucky’s head coach? Well, come to think of it, there were LOTS of Big Blue Nation fed up with the eternal ineptitude known as Kentucky football. But this guy? What a JOKE!

The thing is, it was me. I posted that. I was a total idiot. I was the joke. Irate after an upset loss against a Conference USA team in the home opener, I finally snapped like a skinny twig. I was done. I couldn’t take it anymore. So in a moment of insanity, I let it all out. Screaming and cursing and hollering in front of my in-laws, sharing a room with Louisville fans, I was done.

Now, I like my humble pie à la mode. Please pass it to me at the loser’s table. After my admission, it is time I apologize:

I am sorry, Mark Stoops. While I think I had every right to be upset with you and the Kentucky football program after the Southern Miss debacle, you’ve led the Wildcats to the first New Year’s Day Bowl in 30 years. You preached patience. I said I didn’t have any left. You were right. The Kentucky football ship has more than been righted. Based on the program’s momentum, that ship’s course is set for the top of the SEC East. You’re the captain. I’m just one of the guys on the SS Titanic that jumped ship and froze to death. 

I am sorry, Vince Marrow. Like everybody else, I marvel at the highest rated recruiting classes Kentucky signs every year. That sure is great and all, but I convinced myself they were all overrated. They weren’t getting better. I was wrong. They are getting better. I just stopped being patient. 

I am sorry, Mitch Barnhart. You were right to hire Mark Stoops and give him the keys to the Kentucky football program. You were right, again, to stick by him when morons like me were yelling for his head on a platter. I was wrong.

I am sorry to Gracie, my family’s little dog. After I went berserk and swore off Kentucky football, she has never really been “right”. I think I almost scared her to death, literally. She’s had a hitch in her giddy-up ever since. 

I am sorry, Eddie Gran. When Drew Barker got injured, I swore to everyone within an earshot how terrible of an offensive coordinator you were. NO WAY would you make it through the season without a pocket passing quarterback to run the show. I was wrong. Way, way wrong. What you did with the tools Kentucky had in its toolbox was nothing short of amazing. The Benny and Boom Show has been a treat. There’s been nothing better than watching Kentucky offense run it right down everybody’s throat.

I am sorry I live in Louisville and haven’t spray painted a UK logo on Bobby Petrino’s front lawn. Tom Jurich, too. I think I’ll start making amends on this shortly.

Go Cats. Keep on rockin’. I don’t want to be sorry about anything else...