Patriot blue is like staring into a deep blue sky on a cloudy day, you can almost feel the calming breeze around you.
Patriot Blue is an intense, inviting, warm blue. Put this blue in your office, bed room or living room for its calming and productive environments. 

A whole new atmosphere for your home is waiting around the corner with one color. 

Try pairing it with colors such as, Silver Lake or Mascarpone to lighten and lift your space or experiment with Suntan Yellow to brighten and bring new life to your home.
This rich shade of blue can easily be made to look modern or classic, it’s a great foundation for any style and feels like it has been in your home forever. It can easily be used for relaxing sofas and painted on walls. But just as simply can be used for accents pillows, end tables and more. Try getting some fun saucers and other accessories to spice up your home. Even a simple Patriot Blue rug can completely change a room. This blue can be used for everything and anything you can imagine.