By Marsah Koller


Not everyone sees her wedding as a sweet and solemn event. Some people look at a wedding as the biggest party of their life! Especially if you are not a very young bride, a repeat performer, or you are a power couple, a stunning black gown for an adult black tie event is just the golden ticket. But this is a wedding none the less, so just a formal black dress won’t make the statement you want – only a fantastical black wedding gown will do. And it needs to be big and bold to not get lost in the dark.

While a black dress is completely different and super cool, if you are a  first-time young bride, don’t darken the door with a completely black dress. You will regret missing the chance to wear your white – or light – wedding gown. But if you are in love with the idea of a black gown, are throwing an ultra formal reception and have a big, big budget, throw caution to the wind and have a second wedding gown - this one in black for your reception. We are seeing the trend of women buying a second gown for their reception, either because they fall in love with two gowns, or they want a less formal one for their ‘a er-party’. In this case, black can come back.

If you are walking down the aisle - or moonlit beach, or through a twilight forest – and it’s not your first go ’round, how cool would wearing a magnicent black dresses be? It gives you the opportunity to go big and bold, where wearing a huge white ball gown could feel like too much for a second – or beyond – wedding. But in amazing, smoldering black you can layer the tulle, embellish to the nines, and it will not be too much…AT ALL!

A repeat brides’ black gown can be as ‘sexy-mexy’ as you wish.  is wedding doesn’t have to be as demure as your first, and will probably be in a more non-traditional venue. So an amazing black stunner can knock your guest o their feet. Styles like very fitted midnight mermaids or dark against skin corset styling work perfectly in black to make your look very adult and sensual. And to top it o , we all know that nothing flatters the figure like black. Black makes you look thinner, and hides figure flaws that may have come with having kids (after wearing the white dress!). So black is beautiful.