By Marsah Koller


When wedding planning, brides now focus much more of their attention on the reception than they do the wedding itself.  They do this because they want to make it a truly memorable celebration, and make it a “reflection” of themselves.  Individual components of a reception’s décor can set the tone for the entire event, and a component I love is the use of mirrors as part of wedding reception themes.
Glass Menagerie
Whether your wedding is the picture of sophistication, or down-to-earth and casual, mirrors are the perfect addition to any event.  Mirrors add light to an evening affair, and beautifully reflect candlelight in the most magic of ways.  They also duplicate the movement of your guests and multiply your event’s activity exponentially.
Mirrors make a perfect backdrop for the wedding party table, to make your dais look like seats of honor.  A mirrored backdrop wall is a way to add height and drama.  
Using a collection of mirrors or a single dramatic mirror is a fantastic idea for a bride and groom’s greeting or sweetheart area. It can also create a glamorous photo booth; remember to shoot a little off side to keep the photographer out of the shot.
Reflect on Rustic
For a rustic wedding, the addition of smooth surfaced mirrors give a touch of sophistication to a woodsy theme.  The mirrored glass adds balance to the rough hewn textures already present in a barn such as burlap, wooden tables and wood slice table décor.  
To create the perfect balance, don’t hold back on volume.  Use a ton of mirrors, especially vintage mirrors with rough frames and even those missing some of their reflective mercury surface. You can find these at thrift stores and architectural salvage stores without running up your budget.  To add to the numbers of mirrors on a budget, a trick is to pick up super rough old frames and have inexpensive mirrors put in them at a household glass vendor instead of a frame shop.  
Into the Looking Glass
To give your mirrors more life after your big day, move them into your first home. Create a wall of mirrors that remind you of your vows and reflect your new life together everyday.  Pass a mirror on to each of your bridesmaids to remind them how much they made your wedding shine.