By Erin Christopher


It’s not easy to capture the unique glow of summer sunshine in a paint color, but Sherwin Williams’ Sunny Veranda comes pretty close. A soft yellow with peachy undertones, Sunny Veranda is the perfect color to give your home a warm, summery vibe.
Like other bright but delicate tints, Sunny Veranda is versatile, working just as well on walls as it does as an accent. Try it in smaller rooms to create a sense of brightness and openness, or in wider spaces with large windows for an added glow. Balance out the warmth by pairing it with a cool, steely shade like Bracing Blue, or dial up the brightness with accents in a louder yellow like Gusto Gold. Give a room of any size a more regal feel by matching Sunny Veranda with a rich, reddish shade like the fuschia-toned Valentine.
While pale colors tend to wear well on walls, Sunny Veranda also looks great in bedspreads, curtains, cushions (outdoor and indoor), accent pillows, and artwork. It’s a color you can thread through every room, on the walls in one and woven through the pillows in another. And when the air grows cold and the leaves turn their colors, your home will remain a haven of summery brightness.