Blue Stallion Brewing Co. Hefeweizen

Why Kevin Enjoys this Beer….
“Blue Stallion’s Hefeweizen is simply and purely delicious! It is obvious in the first sip that the brewers at Blue Stallion take extreme care and pride in their beers and that truly shows in this traditional German Hefeweizen. The frothy white head leads to bountiful scents of banana, clove and citrus. A smooth and full mouthfeel leads to a taste best described as relaxation in a glass. There is a slight banana flavor up front and is quickly complimented by subtle flavors of citrus zest, clove and even a hint of vanilla. This beer is one of my favorites because of it’s versatility. It pairs with a range of dishes, from grilled meats to Mexican dishes. It is light and refreshing but still has plenty of body to give you that full beer flavor with most any meal. And best of all it is brewed right here in Lexington KY!  I highly recommend giving this one a try!”  
Style: Hefeweizen German Wheat Beer
Alcohol By Volume: 4.2%
IBUs: 13
Taste Profile: This traditional German wheat beer is brewed after an old German law that requires at least 50% of the grains to be malted wheat. Our style of wheat beer is made with 55% wheat and a famous German yeast strain which produces a strong banana and subtle clove flavor. The high wheat content and yeast also contributes to the cloudy yet light gold appearance.