Golden Road Brewing: Pico to Mexico

Why Zach Enjoys this Beer….
“Golden Road Brewing has been a welcome addition to my beer selection rotation since the day they hit Kentucky. This Southern California brewery has yet to disappoint. From their Palisades pineapple wheat beer to the Sunset Coffee Oatmeal Milk Stout I have been impressed every time. Their new seasonal beer Pico to Mexico is no exception! This beer had me hooked from the first drink, the cool cucumber flavor hits bold up front and is quickly followed by the fresh zest of  lime citrus. On the finish you are left with the slightest hint of habanero heat on the tongue, not over powering but just enough to make you crave the cool from the next drink! This beer is full of fantastically fresh flavors that leave you craving one drink after another until every drop is gone. Don’t miss out on this one, Pico To Mexico won’t be around long so grab some today!” 

Style: Cucumber Lime Lager with a hint of Habanero 
Alcohol By Volume: 4.8%
IBUs: 18
Taste Profile: SoCal meets South of the border. This smooth crisp lager is cucumber forward, complemented by a touch of lime, a pinch of salt and a hint of heat.