By Marsah Koller


There are so many ways to add mirror magic to your reception, and the most fabulous is to consider expanding the mirrored motif to your tables.  I don’t just mean tabletop displays like the old school mirror rounds, but actual mirrored tables in their entirety.  These are glorious and elevate a reception in a way no other table design can accomplish.

Mirrored Tables Reflect Your Decor
With fully mirrored tables, you wont need table cloths or runners, because these tables will be the essence of your decorating scheme.  You may save money on linens, but these could still cost a pretty penny.  However, depending on the pennies you have to spend, where you can save, and the look you want, it just may be penny wise because the finished effect is simply breathtaking.  Another great plus is that mirrored tables will reflect your table floral arrangements and ceiling draping, beautifully doubling their effect. 

Mirrored tables that include mirrored sides and legs are really special and show off your decor across the room.

Choose Tall Floral Table Arrangements To Reflect Your Designs
You will double the show of your tabletop flowers when you choose a tall or elevated floral design that you can see again in the reflection of our mirrored table.  Even hanging flower arrangements over the tables will repeat in your reflective tables.  A low format vase or arrangement will not get the added effect of a second showing in a mirrored table.  More is more, after all!

Put Your Bridal Party In the Spotlight
Because mirrored tables can cost significantly more to rent, if you just can’t live without this look consider choosing them just for your wedding party.  It will be a way to make this important group stand out, and your fancy tables will be featured prominently in your wedding photos.  If you want to take it one step further, include mirrored tables for your parent’s tables as well.  It’s just enough to be special, and not break the bank.

Mirrored Table Toppers Capture the Effect
A simpler way to get this reflective effect, and if mirrored tables aren’t available, is to top a plain table with a mirrored topper, edge to edge.  You still get the reflection of your flowers and venue, without the full-on top to bottom mirrored vibe.  This can even couple with a rustic table to elevate a woodsier look, providing mirrored magic.  Bottom line? “Mirror, Mirror, On the Table, Pick this Look, If You’re Able.”