Breckenridge Brewery 

Vanilla Porter

Why Mark Enjoys this Beer….

“Let me start by saying I am a malt guy, especially roasted malt, I love the color, the smell, but most of all the taste. So Breckinridge Brewing’s Vanilla Porter is right up my alley! The dark roasted malt flavor in this porter is remarkable. The addition of  the vanilla really pushes this beers flavor profile to the next level. Some folks think porters like this one are winter beers only, boy are they mistaken. I love this beer anytime of the year, it pairs great with grilled burgers and chicken perfect for summer, fall tailgating and will also pair nicely with a chili or stew during those cold winter months making this porter a beer that can be enjoyed anytime of the year. This porter is well built, well balanced and the sweet flavor of vanilla in every drink keeps you coming back for more. If you have never given Breckinridge vanilla porter a try don’t wait any longer! And if you’re one of the many people that say they just can’t drink “dark” beers, step out of your comfort zone and give this beer a shot. You will be surprised by this dark beer that is unexpectedly light flavored, very sessionable and down right delicious.”


Style: American Porter 

Aroma:  Vanilla beans, chocolate and malt 

Alcohol By Volume: 5.4%  

IBU: 16 

Taste Profile: Roasted grain, coffee, chocolate, vanilla