Getting started on a weight loss journey can be confusing. Plateaus, setbacks and conflicting advice can be discouraging. Assistance through a professional, medically-guided weight loss program can be an invaluable tool.

What sets the Lexington Women’s Health Weight Loss Program apart? It’s designed by women, for women of all ages. With a team of professional, caring medical staff available to their patients, Lexington Women’s Health makes weight loss accessible, attainable and understandable for every woman.

Starting is easy. During an office visit, a knowledgeable health care provider will partner with the patient to develop a personalized plan for success. Lexington Women’s Health will review medical history and lab results to determine what medical or metabolic conditions may be affecting progress. The provider will measure BMI, help set attainable goals and set a plan to help the patient achieve them. From exercise tips to tailored advice regarding diet, Lexington Women’s Health can offer so much!

From there, patients visit the office at least once a month to track and evaluate their progress. Patients are also invited to keep a food diary, which can boost results. All along the way, they can rely on their Lexington Women’s Health provider to offer support, assistance and accountability. What’s even better? The visits may be covered by health insurance plans–simply pay the co-payment!

The Lexington Women’s Health team understands that appetite control can be a big hurdle for many in cutting back caloric intake. Appetite suppressants and other FDA approved weight loss medications may be a part of the patient’s weight loss success plan.

Sarah Dougherty, PA-C is the anchor of the Lexington Women’s Health Weight Loss Program. One of her patients, Lauren, explained, “Sarah taught me a lot. I finally understand after 37 years how my body reacts to food. She taught me to focus on the intake and not try to make up for bad food decisions with exercise.” Sarah is currently accepting new patients at the Alysheba Way location. For convenience, they offer the program at both of their Lexington locations.

Achieving weight loss and better health doesn’t have to be confusing. Lexington Women’s Health can help set a clear path for the journey and offer all of the support needed to make it a success.

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