By Sarah Boerkircher


Jamie and Chase Barmore first met at a restaurant in NuLu (New Louisville) and then through a mutual friend, the couple “officially” met a year later.

The Barmores, who were both born and raised in Kentucky, said that entrepreneurship runs in their blood. Jamie is a ceramic artist and Chase has been in the valet business for many years as well as starting LIFEbar, a juice and smoothie business. Chase founded LIFEbar before meeting Jamie, but now the couple co-owns the business together. LIFEbar has brought them together in their lifestyles of living a mainly plant-based diet.

“LIFEbar is a passion of mine and we have grown into a top Louisville business,” said Chase. “We are located inside Rainbow Blossom in St. Matthews and Highlands Rainbow Blossom.”

When Jamie and Chase were planning their wedding, their plan was to do it their own way and decided to host their guests at Old Pond Place in Prospect, Ky.

“Old Pond Place is magical,” said Chase. “It’s on 20 acres, tucked behind Norton Commons. We asked our dear friends, the Freiberts, if we could have our wedding at their 1600-era historic log cabin and property.”

The Barmores thought it would be a unique detail to have their ceremony on a quiet gravesite that was tucked away on the property. Their guests walked around the pond, through the woods, to cocktail hour then the the reception followed in the tent.

“We wanted our guests to be immersed in the outdoors while having elegant and comfortable accommodations,” said Jamie.

“It was important to us that during our ceremony, everyone could hear the sounds of birds, wind through the trees and be surrounded by late summer blooms and perennials, which are spectacular in Kentucky.”

The couple described their wedding as bohemian, celestial, chic, spiritual and earthy. The Barmores couldn’t have asked for a more perfect show by Mother Nature when a thunderstorm rolled in as their ceremony began.

“The weather cleared up and we had a great party,” said Chase. “Since the ceremony was at a different spot of the venue, having golf carts was critical to help move people while dealing with the rain. Ready Valet really stepped up to ensure our guest were taken care of and had plenty of umbrellas. The food, the dancing, the whole feeling of the venue was perfect—just the way we wanted it.”

While the bride and her bridesmaids were getting hair and makeup done, drums were played and sage was burned to ensure positive energy and vibes. Chase also left Jamie a note in the room where she put on her wedding dress to help commemorate the day.

It was important to the couple that Chase’s 10-year-old daughter was part of the ceremony as well as their dogs.

In lieu of gifts, the couple asked guests to donate to the Old Pond Place Land Trust so that the property can be maintained for years to come. The Barmores are thankful to the guests who helped make it a day they will never forget.

While Jamie and Chase agree that their wedding day was perfect, they do recommend to other couples planning their special day to remember that the day goes by so fast.

“Although it was raining and everyone was soaked, we would not change a thing about our wedding day,” said Jamie. “My advice to other couples is to make sure you feel good and that you’re able to enjoy every minute.”

PHOTOGRAPHER: Anna May Photography

VENUE: Old Pond Place | Prospect, KY

CATERING: Farm to Fork Catering, Shalimar Indian Restaurant

PLANNER + FLORIST: Andrea Glass | Boston’s Floral

BRIDAL GOWN: Anthropologie

BRIDAL PARTY: Anthropologie


CAKE: Ashley Post

HAIR: Michael Whitehead

BAND: DJ Glitter Titz, Garrett Crabtree