The name says it all. In The Moment is a shade that evokes sanctuary, relaxation and calm. This subtle blend of blue, gray and green invites you to disconnect, recharge and be mindful of the here and now.

While In The Moment would be a natural choice for a bedroom or guest suite, it can offer balance and peace to anywhere you would like to invite guests and family to unwind with you.

It’s an interesting choice for a formal sitting room or dining room: guests will want to linger just a little bit longer, enjoying dinner and pleasant conversation. It can also offer a sense of serenity in hallways or laundry rooms.

The earthy, alpine quality of In The Moment lends itself to pairing with rich, autumnal hues like Equilibrium and Life is Good: because of this, it can be a beautiful home exterior color. It also goes well with Graylac, an intriguing shade of smoked lilac.